Blue Monster Scary Toy Factory

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Welcome to toy factory playtime game where missy kissy, scary mommy and all other scary toys are sleeping in scary nights of toy factory. Nights of horror are long and all other horror toys, daddy long legs, evil toys are ready to do bugui bugui in this scary factory. Huggy woogie, blue monster with red blue hands, scary blue monster all are going to do tricks in this playtime toy factory. Buggy wuggy and blue beast are also here in this toy factory to scare you with horror toys. Missy kissy, daddy long legs, mommy legs all of them are the scary toys who enjoy scary nights and prey on their victims in nights of horror. Monster horror are going to do bugui bugui with evil toys in this scary factory. If you want to know the secret of toys factory, mommy monster long legs, huggy woogie, blue beast then join the scariest experience of toy factory playtime chapter 1

Play this puzzle survival scary factory game where you can try to escape from various dangers of monster horror and blue monster. Enjoy blue monster escape with buggy wuggy, hogie waggy, missy kissy, mommy spider long legs and many more boogie woogie actors in this game. Blue monster toy factory is an exciting survival horror puzzle game where you can beat all the scary toys and be the ultimate champion. The objective is to survive and beat the evil toys which are waiting to kill you. Discover the spooky environment of toys company and feel this mysterious and haunted abandoned toy factory.

How to play & beat them:

Huggy woggie, boogie woogie, le grand bleu, puggy wuggy & all his accomplices are chasing you and you have to run from them to save your life. There are multiple hints and clues buried in each and every level you have to play and find all the keys to exit from the gates of the toy factory. Find your grab pack and find your hidden props to get out of the evil factory and beat huggy woggie, le grand bleu in this papi playtime puggy wuggy game. Don’t come near haggy waggy because it will make you freeze on the spot and you will lose the progress in the game. Papi playtime game with all the creepy monsters puggy wuggy, haggy waggy where you run jump and move evil toys to find a way to escape.

Don’t let mommy daddy long leg spider catch you and if scary dolls find out where you are then its game over for you.

Exclusive Features:

Best puzzle adventure horror game with different monsters
Spooky environment with puzzle and strategies.
Bugui bugui, missy kissy, huggy woogie all coming to catch you
Play time chapter 2 & unlock features by gaining props at regular intervals
Blue beast is waiting for you escape from him

A horror game with fantastic puzzles and strategies for you test yourself in this evil toy factory and discover your amazing survival skills.
Feel the thrill and suspense of blue monster escape and find your way out in this dark spooky toy factory.